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tenovertwelvers, summer is almost over

And today marks two weeks until the end of August. This means that the summer compilation (for those that are planning on doing it) will shortly be due. The rules and my address are here in the flocked-post as usual, and (given other excitement that will be attending the end of this month) I am likely to set the deadline (August 31st) to "slack".

The themes, the themes, we had some themes (although in the event if you want to theme on something else like sexy A levels or riots or chickens in the mist that's just fine).

1. (I've got the feeling that) the heat is on

2. Cocktail Hour

3. No shirt, no shoes, no entry

Plus a bonus theme for those who fancy a more survivalist summer:

You will prise my antique blogging platform from my cold dead mouse-hand.


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18th Aug, 2011 08:02 (UTC)
Oooh. I'm still unsure about this. I'm going to be thinking about it, though.
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