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housekeeping; updates; dreams

OK tenovertwelvers? Whose summer compilations am I waiting for? I hear it's September and summer is over. Themes and details are here. I've been hung up finishing my human cannonballs comic strip for Ink + Paper so you have time to send one in, probably time to start one, even.

The news is depressing, isn't it? Though I was watching BBC24 when N*dine D*rries stood up and said "I am pro-choice", a small bright spark in an otherwise grindingly grim day. Things aren't going so well for me at the moment, but I'm doing the sort of training that explains that joining in with the complaining doesn't help you solve the problem, so I'll leave it at that.

Autumn has come crashing in, bringing wilt and mildew in its wake, when I'd hardly harvested my first aubergines. I also have Tomato Loopers, bah. Different greenhouse strategy next year. Although on the plus side, my Achochas are fruiting (kind of a South American cucumber vine) which is a whole brand new flavour in the food.

Bad dreams, including one where all the children in a seaside town suddenly fell down in a dead faint. The ones in the sea drowned, even though we were trying so hard to get to them all. I watched Cowboys and Aliens which was a bold and somewhat insane movie. I wore my suit another couple of times. I think I may need to find one that has pockets.

Oh, and I hear that Nelson is coming out soon. I did a chapter, tangled right up in the intense continuity of Nelson's late 20s, with a mass of to-and-froing about the characters and their environment. It's funny how quaintly exotic the 90s seem from now. Anyway, do go friend them on Facebook if you do such things because it's a big strange project and it's for charity and it's just really not like anything else at all.


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8th Sep, 2011 01:25 (UTC)
I put my mix in the post yesterday; hopefully you got the emailed link to the .zip folder copy?
8th Sep, 2011 07:08 (UTC)
Yes, I did -- thanks very much, looking forwsrd to seeing the CD
8th Sep, 2011 06:48 (UTC)
A friend gave me some chilli plants, only they'd been planted too late, so they're still small and only a couple of them are even thinking about flowering. And there's something growing in the leaves (little brown circles), which I don't know what if anything I can do about :-s
8th Sep, 2011 07:22 (UTC)
If they're thinking about flowering they might get there if you keep them warm, but it's very dark for them now.

There's always a few things you can do to help an ailing plant -- increase airflow, reduce dampness, feed, provide more light (if practical) -- but autumn is the end for all these plants and they will go down eventually
8th Sep, 2011 08:02 (UTC)
Ah yes, I must get on with this... should be with you in the next few days. Also, I'm not sure I got the electronic copy of the last lot? My memory stick seemed only to have my own stuff on it...
8th Sep, 2011 11:24 (UTC)
Mine too! When I went to put my most recent mix on the memory stick, I always upload the last batch. There was only my mix on it, so I thought I must have already uploaded it, but I don't think I did.
8th Sep, 2011 12:27 (UTC)
opps sounds like I may have missed a step
I'll sort out a download link later
8th Sep, 2011 15:49 (UTC)
Um, probably not going to do one this time. Job hunting and other things taking precedence. Plus my stereo and my record collection are still in storage, and while I've got a laptop and headphones and about half of my music ripped, it's not really the same.
8th Sep, 2011 18:25 (UTC)
not altogether surprised tbh
you seem to have your hands quite full at the mo
8th Sep, 2011 20:29 (UTC)
Re: not altogether surprised tbh
Sort of. Yes and no. While I'm trying to find a job and sort out somewhere to live and learn Dutch and things, I'm also unemployed and skint, so I've got nothing to do all day and no money to do it with. But I ought to be spending my time learning Dutch and finding jobs in order to have earnt the leisure time to make compilation CDs.
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