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tenovertwelve final call

Am I expecting any more tenovertwelve summer mixes? bibliogirl? girlycomic? mondoagogo?


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25th Sep, 2011 09:34 (UTC)
Oh gawd. Yes, you are, if you can give me a few more days. Sorry, it's been sort of insane around here. If not, no worries, I'll pick it up again next time?
25th Sep, 2011 09:51 (UTC)
insanity, yes, here too
And therefore a few more days = no problem at all. If you could get it to me by next w'end that would be perfect

xx J
25th Sep, 2011 19:26 (UTC)
Not from me I'm afraid.
25th Sep, 2011 21:21 (UTC)
OK, maybe next time for christmas?
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