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a woman smiling stood between a man and another woman, caption: amaretto - share the square

Or, at the very least, three-in-a-bed shenanigans. (The advertising agents respond, as one, "The thought never crossed our mind!" Bwaaaaaaang.)


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25th Nov, 2002 08:07 (UTC)
Though to be honest, water would prove much more useful than alchohol in such events. :-)

OK, best stop there before people think poorly of me. ;-p

26th Nov, 2002 03:26 (UTC)
Re: mmmmmmmmm
water? what? ... no, I don't want to know.
28th Nov, 2002 12:05 (UTC)
Physiology dear, physiology ...

A 3-in-a-bed-shenanigan involves more than a little physical exertion and heavy breathing: i.e. serious dehydration. In such circumstances water is far better to alchohol, if endurance is sought anyway.


25th Nov, 2002 09:22 (UTC)
> promotion of bisexuality on the London Underground
As long as they don't block the escalators, why not?
25th Nov, 2002 12:07 (UTC)
LOL! :-)

(I can't shake this image of London commuters politely trying to make their way through a grunting fornicating mass)

27th Nov, 2002 13:18 (UTC)
Re: LOL!
No change there then.
28th Nov, 2002 12:06 (UTC)
Re: LOL!
Hmm, I *knew* I should've ridden the Victoria line more often. :-)

27th Nov, 2002 04:40 (UTC)
And don't scare the horses.
28th Nov, 2002 15:22 (UTC)
...if an advertising company is trying to promote three-in-a-bed shenanigans with two sexy women and a bottle of amaretto, who the heck am I to complain?

(I think that target demographic is large enough to justify the campaign. :))
30th Nov, 2002 03:35 (UTC)
Re: Hey...
Or, indeed, with a sexy man and a sexy woman. Hmmm, it is about time I bought some more amaretto ... :D
30th Nov, 2002 04:48 (UTC)
Re: Hey...
And thus one proves the wonders of brand advertising. Well, at least if you choose Di Sarrano
2nd Dec, 2002 13:29 (UTC)
Proving that my brain filters are effective and status nominal
To be honest, when I consider that advert, I'd have one or both of the following reactions:

1) Totally ignore it as so much visual noise

2) Concentrate on the sex of the message and totally forget the product.

Clearly a media-veteran brain with its own iron curtain of protection. :-)

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