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a woman smiling stood between a man and another woman, caption: amaretto - share the square

Or, at the very least, three-in-a-bed shenanigans. (The advertising agents respond, as one, "The thought never crossed our mind!" Bwaaaaaaang.)


25th Nov, 2002 08:07 (UTC)
Though to be honest, water would prove much more useful than alchohol in such events. :-)

OK, best stop there before people think poorly of me. ;-p

26th Nov, 2002 03:26 (UTC)
Re: mmmmmmmmm
water? what? ... no, I don't want to know.
28th Nov, 2002 12:05 (UTC)
Physiology dear, physiology ...

A 3-in-a-bed-shenanigan involves more than a little physical exertion and heavy breathing: i.e. serious dehydration. In such circumstances water is far better to alchohol, if endurance is sought anyway.