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Harley has taken to playing with mouse-gnawed hazelnut shells, occasionally leaving them lying around like hints of a possible mouse invasion, only thwarted by her constant vigilance. Today she upgraded to actual mice. Well, mouse, I hope (we'll see).

My hair is pumpkin orange now. I used to photograph every single hair colour for the book, there was a time. Now it's just glimpses in photos of other things.

I made bitter orange and onion marmalade this evening, to go with duck sausages, and sliced up a few late squashes to go with some mushrooms. Good food is good.
Hmm, kitten came in damp. She's been standing in the rain again.

Tomatoes and peppers still ripening.


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25th Oct, 2011 18:41 (UTC)
> Tomatoes and peppers still ripening.

In the greenhouse?

I cleared up my courgette plant on Saturday, and in the process dislodged a frog that was lurking underneath. It hopped off to take shelter under the tomato plants, so they got a stay of execution. I suspect I've had all the ripe tomatoes I'm going to get, though.
29th Oct, 2011 08:14 (UTC)
In the greenhouse, yes. I really need to clear them all away to make way for some tenders but I haven't the heart...
25th Oct, 2011 21:24 (UTC)
First mouse is an important developmental milestone. We're still in the worm phase.
29th Oct, 2011 08:15 (UTC)
probably still some to track down
(fingers crossed) she did eventually grow out of that, but for a while I was finding worm jerky in the weirdest places
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