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My phone had a bit of an accident. I'm waiting on a new sim, but until it turns up no sense in trying to call me on that number I've had for howevermany years. I was expecting to feel liberated but instead it's just been aggravating. I was stuck at a train station for 40 minutes today and instead of plugging into twitter or whatever I was reduced to playing lunch-hour text tennis with little sister #2 about the Christmas needs of my nieces. One of them is after animal dress-up, but not tiger or leopard or dragon because she has those already. What would be good? Pony? Ocelot? Terabird? Microraptor Gui?

I'm getting face furniture, my eyesight having crept up from "don't bother with glasses" to "we can improve this". Unisex plastic frames, black on the outside, red on the inside. Just a touch of zing. Astonished at how glasses design has improved. I remember them as a despised necessity that never quite looked right. Now they're amazing statement jewellery.

We've put up all the fairy lights and I'm currently enjoying a lovely light bath. Considering getting some more lights in the living room all year round. I'm spending as much time as I can outside (autumn gardening - bracing!) but still feeling the grey and grim.

Also, I've been missing people. But the season of book launches is over now and I can settle back into grateful obscurity. I did the usual stupid thing of sending my mum one of my comics. She changed the subject sharpish when I mentioned it. Never mind.


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6th Dec, 2011 22:57 (UTC)
I was astonished by the new way glasses are, too -- I am so used to them implication that we should all wear contacts, and only frumps are still in specs. Yay for interesting design.
8th Dec, 2011 08:10 (UTC)
lifelong sunglasses wearer - maybe that makes it easier?
Anyway - photos to follow when I pick them up on Saturday
7th Dec, 2011 11:29 (UTC)
I've worn glasses most of my life. I don't get adequate correction for daily living from contact lenses - plus all that faffing about poking yourself in the eyes - I couldn't hack it.

I have two pairs of specs - one almost unnoticeable half frames and some new much chunkier funkier ones with a touch of bling. Specsaves 2 designer frames for the price of 1 rocks. And since I wear them on my face every day I have absolutely no problem with forking out! Many people pay more for single items of jewellery they wear a lot less!

Thin and light lenses, anti reflection and anti-scratch coating have also made a huge difference. Vision is improved and one's eyes are not obscured by reflections or "bottle bottoms".

I am so used to seeing my face with glasses on, and feeling them on my face, that I feel oddly vulnerable without them in most situations. Well...that plus I actually can't see very well without them.
8th Dec, 2011 08:12 (UTC)
we'll see how it works out
I went for the anti-reflection coating -- as I'm going to be doing close work mostly, I don't want lots of dazzle from reflections. My extra pair is very simple plain metal -- kind of activist/geek style
7th Dec, 2011 22:39 (UTC)
Gah, I'll be in the same boat soon enough. Boots keep sending me reminders to see them, as I had my eyes tested in the spring and was told I'd need glasses in winter when the light levels drop (my eyesight has started to dip more noticably in dim light in the past year or so.)
I keep putting it off though, as I'm convinced my eyes seem better this winter than they were last winter, but alas I'll have to admit defeat eventually.

More fairy lights in general seem like a much better idea!
8th Dec, 2011 08:16 (UTC)
That's what prompted me, actually -- low light. I was trying to read my mini A-Z by streetlight and it just wasn't happening. Not keen? Really? I can just see you in a pair of these http://www.specsavers.co.uk/glasses/fashion/leaf/
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