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Well, here comes Christmas. I made it through the Christmas work do with minimal distress, partied a bit, shopped a bit, wrote up some cards. Turned out my address filing has been a bit lackadaisical this last year, but never mind, eh. I've also been looking at my resolutions, oh dear. That didn't go so well.

Oh, does anyone know how to get an ailing Roomba sorted out? Ruby's not recognising her dock any more and her battery life just took a plummet. She's not failing totally yet, mind, I left her alone in a room full of party and she won a fight with a small child. We had to isolate her under a table before there were ructions.

The party left me with an important question. Why does no-one make small rugged martini glasses for tiny children? The plastic shot glasses I ended up using were quite unsuitable for the task.

In other news, I've discovered that the world of wearing glasses is much more disturbing than I initially thought:


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19th Dec, 2011 08:00 (UTC)
That picture appears on my Friends' page immediately above an unrelated heading that says, "Be afraid; be very afraid." For a moment, looking at that fox, I lost track of which entry the heading belonged with...
19th Dec, 2011 08:12 (UTC)
My little sister spent her childhood terrified of foxes. For the first time, I understand why
19th Dec, 2011 08:25 (UTC)
Well, it sure terrified me. Srange just how creepy that speccy fox is.
19th Dec, 2011 11:59 (UTC)
There's a very large one of those in the window of the opticians I pass most mornings. It's very alarming.
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