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Harry Potter horrors

Just read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (I thought I should read it before I went to see it). A purely results-based review:

1. Read book in 2hrs 25 mins.
2. Noted it was unputdownable, pushed all the right buttons, and was very enjoyable.
3. Turned out light.
4. Huge feeling of spiritual dread and self-loathing.
5. Excavation of a long series of childhood memories, some of which were partially or wholly false.
6. Partial excavation of a truly terrible memory (false, I think).
7. Turned on light, shaking. Stared at fish.
8. Turned off light. Turned on light again.
9. Read two chapters of the Will Self in an attempt to calm down.
10. Nervously turned off light and went to sleep.

So .... Harry Potter in league with the devil, then. Or the school I went to was a considerably more troubling place than I thought. Or the fish were telepathically cursing me.

Any ideas?