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taming crows with eccles cakes

It's just my imagination, surely, but does it seem a little lighter today? Town was eerie yesterday, all the Christmas markets packed up and gone and the streets not a great deal more crowded than usual. What has become of the spirit of frantic last-minuteism? Alhthough, at the risk of starting a stampede, Hotel Chocolat is expecting a delivery today...

Saw that Sherlock Holmes film yesterday. A lot of ecstatic antique weoponry work and a tragic end for a home-made scarf. Very much an antidote to the season, specifically to Stop the Cavalry. Goodness, actually, strangest thing. I made a no-Christmas-mix for the Christmas cocktail party and somehow Fairytale in New York got onto it. timscience hypothesised some bastard child of itunes and Mr Clippy: You seem to be making a Christmas mix, let me add the following songs... (nooooooo!)

Speaking of the party, my friends are awesome; I present visual evidence below:

Cantilevered Cake Stand with Dinosaurs


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23rd Dec, 2011 23:22 (UTC)
I am Cakezilla. Hear me ROAR!
That cake stand is all of the awesomes!
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