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the various dislocations of the season

I managed to get out into the garden yesterday for a brief but intense bout of bulb planting. You're supposed to leave tulips until the frosts have killed off their least favourite opportunistic fungus, but no chance of that this year. Toasty warm! Our Boxing Day walk was punctuated with pauses to strip off more layers and marvel at out-of-season flowers. My magenta hair has survived its first wash, and we put the last of the Christmas Stuffing into a squash, although there's still something of a tiny tangerine mountain to work through. Boxing Day telly consisted of Christmas TOTP, Samurai Jack opening adventure and Machete. A real horrorshow Christmas.

Also: never too early to start planning next year's roast.

how to carve your trike


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27th Dec, 2011 11:29 (UTC)
Excellent tea-towel :)
27th Dec, 2011 17:48 (UTC)
Hiya. I think that they've stuffed the pricing on this web page, but it looks like you should be able to get a 10' inflatable dinosaur for £16.00. I'm pretty certain that that's actually the price for the 2'10" dinosaur, but not the way they've written it. Or it may actually be £15.99. Who knows?
27th Dec, 2011 22:52 (UTC)
My Mouth, My Chest. Almost drool.
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