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I've gorn around the world and i-i-i ...

For anyone who likes action figures and travelling, (via Kris), the curious travels of one man and his Gorn.


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26th Nov, 2002 12:18 (UTC)
The Gorn!
My all-time fave Ripper-Off of Capt. Kirk's Shirt, and hot contender for Silliest-Looking 'Scary' Monster Ever! Ah those bicycle-reflector eyes...
Provided a much-needed chortle.
Hope the migraine's a mini-one...
26th Nov, 2002 16:47 (UTC)
Re: The Gorn!
[migraine] it's just warming up, I think it's after a biggie tomorrow. So it'll be pills pills pills ...
26th Nov, 2002 12:28 (UTC)
Fun, but a little spooky
...namely, that someone can be so dedicated to their action figure.

A little surprised too that there wasn't a 'Gorn attacks me for my pint' pic. :-)

26th Nov, 2002 12:30 (UTC)
Re: Fun, but a little spooky
OK, and my music guess Jeremy is ... A ha! (cause it sounds like it works) ... so what'd I win?
26th Nov, 2002 16:45 (UTC)
Re: Fun, but a little spooky
The wooden spoon. Try again (and this time, look at the title ;)

... hmmm, I guess I shouldn't post the photos from the time I took my Godzilla monsters to the botantical gardens, then ... :#]
26th Nov, 2002 20:09 (UTC)
Re: Fun, but a little spooky
No thanks, I'm quite happy with the wooden spoon, much fun can be had with a wooden spoon you know. ;-p

27th Nov, 2002 14:13 (UTC)
On an entirely different topic
You wrote something about shoveling silica?

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