Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

up with the blackbird

Beautiful dawns and sunsets at the moment. Felt moved to mention an amazing dawn to a lady in the shop who was enthusing about an amazing sunset and got a bit of a look; I suppose that you're really supposed to pick one or the other to rhapsodise about but really this time of year it's both for everyone.

Latest Love Film was The Losers, adapted from Andy Diggle's Vertigo comic of the same name, which starred what appeared to be a bunch of A-lister stunt doubles but which actually turned out to be quite famous(the gym bunny/hacker, e.g. was Captain America). Guess they'd just been asked to act like Pitt, Clooney, et alia. Astonishingly stupid. Speaking of which, Mythbusters tested the whole "shoot out a rocket launcher with a handgun" thing that John Malkovitch did in one of the more memorable scenes from Red. BUSTED - but with a very interesting footnote. Their test proved that if distances were increased a handgun could take out a rocket, albeit leaving the bad guy (rocket) unscathed and risking the good guy (handgun) a shower of molten lead.

Sherlock, eh. That was a bit nuts. I sense the influence of a consulting magician.

Notes from the week: I should organise a Bugpunk party; think of the costumes! Darwin Day would be the ideal time for a marathon game of Primordial Soup. I really should contact Jason about trimming his tree as the growing season is coming on early this year. There should be a Keats Day to balance Burns Night (oh, but he was born on 31st Oct, that won't work). Where would be a good picnic venue for January? I'm sure I saw a parakeet fly across the Thames near Iffley.

Last week's chore list:

- Bathroom tile grouting fully repaired
- Put the bare root roses in (Whiskey Mac and Masquerade)
- Tidied back the overgrowth and mulched the deep bed
- Straightened and tested the propagater
- Tidied and straightened my day bed (promptly rewarded by Teasel adopting it as his new favourite spot)
- Did my taxes
- Removed another small piece of wallpaper from the stairs wall

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