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world without wikipedia

This morning it suddenly occurred to me that I had absolutely no idea how to treat myself should I ever be subjected to long-term starvation. Not something I'm really contemplating, but it pays to be prepared. I had some idea that eating lots of pizza (chocolate, butter) was in some sense not the thing to do and could (in fact) be dangerous and that that knowledge had been accessed either via Willard Price or an account of the liberation of Belsen or some background materials around the (now long discontinued for safety reasons) Oxfam Fast.

Naturally my next move was to type something likely into google and tap through to Wikipedia, where an article on starvation was rapidly covered by the encroaching dark fog of legislative doom. Hmmm. Of course. Web black-out day. Though I initially just thought that they were asking me for money again. Never mind, I thought. I used to do this all the time, before Wikipedia.

I eventually tracked down the information in a leaflet about treating shipwreck survivors from the US Navy, which had the added bonus of confirming my knowledge re. extreme dehydration (gained from a teenage boy who felt the need to explain the end of Airwolf (The Movie) to me), having discovered that Bengal Famine Rations were a nutritionist's lie, the metabolic reasons why pizza, chocolate (or any fatty food) should be avoided after starvation, and a very exciting website which fired off all sorts of thrilling browser warnings. I know now. In fact, I knew all along, which was just as satisfying really, especially as I now knew why. I was slightly late for work, but it was very interesting; a walk through information before it is masticated by the wikibrain.

This evening I have finally stopped murmuring about it and bought an apple tree, an old variety described as both "very important" and "Victorian". It's also a shorty. Isambard Kingdom Brunel would approve!


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18th Jan, 2012 23:28 (UTC)
look like nice apples. glad to see them described as having an 'appley' flavour.
19th Jan, 2012 07:05 (UTC)
I was very tempted by Winter Banana but Laxton's won the decision tree
19th Jan, 2012 07:09 (UTC)
We have two quinces. Recommended, provided you can find things to do with quinces.
19th Jan, 2012 07:39 (UTC)
Tim wants to dine on mince and slices of quince so we might
Quince jelly is lovely but two bushes sounds like a risk of quince overkill, are they different colours? I think I got last year's quince from a neighbour, it was a bumper year!
19th Jan, 2012 10:01 (UTC)
Re: Tim wants to dine on mince and slices of quince so we might
There are some great Moroccan / North African recipes for quince. Some savoury, some sweet.
19th Jan, 2012 18:25 (UTC)
Re: Tim wants to dine on mince and slices of quince so we might
I'm tempted, the flowers and even twigs are so pretty
20th Jan, 2012 15:32 (UTC)
A semi-dwarfing rootstock is what you want to go for
19th Jan, 2012 10:01 (UTC)
So what should you eat after starvation?
19th Jan, 2012 18:33 (UTC)
bet you already know the answer
Soluble vitamins in water with a little glucose and salt in small sips, then clear dilute broth or milk (skimmed ideally - you need to be careful to avoid fats initially) or similar (weak bovril?), then well-cooked carb (toast, cereal) and then you can move onto the protein and veg and eventually fats.

It's either impressive or slightly alarming that humans are so good at recovering from food restriction that this process is described as taking "around three days" (although hospital oversight to check for problems is advised).
19th Jan, 2012 12:40 (UTC)
Apple trees are good, and rare ones are better.
19th Jan, 2012 23:41 (UTC)
According to the apple fan site, it tastes best if cut with a knife.....
20th Jan, 2012 14:00 (UTC)
I like the look of those apples.
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