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links arising

The comic that shouldn't be my sort of thing (young adult, fantasy, American Ghibli-inspired manga, chalk-and-cheese pairing of a grumpy zombie and an annoying little girl with a tail) and yet... is unsoundedcomic. Read from the beginning (of a chapter, if you can't stand to do the whole thing).

That thing timscience and I are doing on our wedding anniversary this year is staying one night in a room for London, a tiny boat perched atop the South Bank designed in collaboration with the artist Fiona Banner. It has a tiny octagonal library! We have to turn up early for a Safety Briefing! There are performances from the room, too (Laurie Anderson's playing it in March).

Madam Fatal, the golden age transvestite superhero who features in the latest issue of Shade (in rather more, uh, endowed guise than in his original little-old-lady incarnation). Retired character actor, originally appeared in Crack Comics, has a pet parrot called Hamlet. Whoever next? I'm hoping for The Owl and his ultrasonically controlled robot Owlos and his ga-ga ray emitting Owl Gun (makes people act like owls, apparently, I don't know, is that useful?).


25th Jan, 2012 19:30 (UTC)
I suspect quite a lot of youngness