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it's important to have a quest object

Ruby Tuesday the Roomba has a new battery. She's zimbering round the living room with carefree joy rather than the piteous crawl she had been reduced to. So that's a success. Alas, my tree-grafting dreams were catastrophically interrupted by a small but show-stopping five centimetres of snow. I had to stay in and read Embassytown instead. Annoying; also good.

This morning, my airy opinion that the tow-path would surely be free of snow were proved awesomely wrong. Instead I had a mile or two's walk on an inch of compacted snice, which seems to have used muscles in my torso I had forgotten all about. To the people cycling, I salute you, you maniacs. There were some nice redwings out and about, too, but I was too busy doing that placy-foot-flat-careful thing to truly appreciate them.

After a pointless round of cookware shops I remembered where pans come from and went to TKMaxx. There's a shoe I'm interested in, too, but it never went down low enough in Shuh and I'm not convinced it'll make it through to full markdown. Also I forgot to take a note of the brand, so I'm never going to see it again. But theoretically something like it might turn up in TKMaxx, so I keep on looking.

Anyway: yes. 365 days of house

More wallpaper stripping
More paint scraping
More knocking out of blown plaster
Fleece for garden plants
Obtained pot for apple tree
Replacement saute pan sourced and bought
New house number bought

It's been a bit of slow week. I need to step up.


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7th Feb, 2012 09:20 (UTC)
As one who was cycling yesterday I accept your salute and also your judgment - it was a touch hairy in places and I wouldn't have tried it on a tow path. Think of walking on snice as a form of pilates.
We had a gold finch inspecting our hedge outside the office (2m from where I was sitting) for nesting potential. Very pretty bird but sadly I think we were rejected.
7th Feb, 2012 19:40 (UTC)
Too bad! Nest cam! Maybe you'll get lucky with the next goldfinch
7th Feb, 2012 11:10 (UTC)
I have previously bought pans in John Lewis (not useful for in-Oxford shopping but still), Debenhams, Boswells. Never even thought of trying TKM but then I hardly ever go in there. Is it a price difference or a difference in available stock?
7th Feb, 2012 19:46 (UTC)
although I'm hanging onto the receipt after previous experience of explosive delamination
Bit of both. I was after a Saute Pan, which was too exotic an ask for Boswells and only available in Premium (£80+) in Debenhams -- I was after something a little more mid-range. TKMaxx obliged with a choice of several, all of which would do, at prices between £15 and £30. The middle-priced was also the best, and won.
7th Feb, 2012 21:51 (UTC)
They have Cubist heels!
I dunno, get the shoes from the website? 35 quid is pretty cheap for shoes, I doubt they'll drop any further, and I've never seen Irregular Choice shoes in TKMaxx.
8th Feb, 2012 13:33 (UTC)
I thought I was safe but they came back into stock in my size...
I cracked
8th Feb, 2012 14:44 (UTC)
Re: I thought I was safe but they came back into stock in my size...
But they have CUBIST HEELS! That alone warrants purchase. Particularly for 35 quid!
8th Feb, 2012 23:43 (UTC)
Re: I thought I was safe but they came back into stock in my size...
They jammed at £60 in the shop - too much
7th Feb, 2012 21:55 (UTC)
Wow. Pity they're leather, I so would.
Got a pair of Yaktrax for xmas (snow chains for shoes) and have I needed them yet, no.
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