Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

cat fracas

pwned ... and he's off

They're disputing over the Flux chair.

Stripped more wallpaper and scraped more paint.
First go with the paint-stripper on the hallway woodwork (tragically, I've only got down as far as a layer of brown paint under the white paint and the grey paint.)
Bought some more polyfilla.
Planted up some fancy tender bulbs in hydrogel beads.
Weeded and seeded and put down my new penstemon and potted up the dwarf rhododendron.
Nemaslugged the garden.
Ordered a new light-bulb for the Lampadina.

Spring fondue at the weekend. Lemon and rosemary fondue with roast carrots and new potatoes, chicken balls and lemony leek baked bhajis to dip into it. Also some bread, of course. The recipe(s) were a bit elaborate. I worry that I overthink too much about food sometimes.

My ears are ringing again.

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