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new camera/sketch a day sketchbook

In other news, I have finally cracked and bought that camera (alternatively, its price finally hit my spend limit). I've been exploring its menus ever since but have yet to discover Miss World Queen, which I guess must have gone in the upgrade. It does audio recording, focuses well at distance and can really get in close, though -- and has a "sketch" setting which makes everything look like an old Aha video, which I'm already quite fond of. It also has a "document" setting, which I tried out on the sketch-a-day sketch book. Tim's been on at me for a while to set up a tumblr or something for these, but I think he's only really interested in this page being online:

my cats and I


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9th Apr, 2012 20:34 (UTC)
The rules of the game are simple: every night before bedtime the cat hides, and the human searches. If the human doesn't find the cat, the cat is allowed to lick the human's eyelids at 4am. Coco still makes the beginner mistake of coming to the bedroom before I fall asleep.
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