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art attack on the millennium bridge

irrational joinerpic
Walking up to the Tate Modern to see Marsyas, we found a bunch of artists repurposing the millennium bridge for their own art display. Vive la South Bank.

A summy sunday on the millennium bridge in London
we happened upon all these students sliding photos of all manner of things
into the thin space between the metal handrail and the glass balustrade


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2nd Dec, 2002 08:06 (UTC)
Fun, and a nice day too!
If only I should be so lucky on my Tate Moderning vaunt.


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5th Dec, 2002 05:53 (UTC)
the sky and the glass did all the hard work
And though the colours look better on the actual prints, the focus looks worse.
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6th Dec, 2002 04:21 (UTC)
Re: the sky and the glass did all the hard work
hahaha --- yes, well, I wasn't really fishing. Well, maybe a bit ;) ... but don't you feel that way, sometimes, like the time and the light and everything you're looking at is all converging, and all you have to do is put your camera at the intersection and click? They weren't considered shots, I just walked past it four times and clicked when it clicked. (Then wasted two shots on an overview, which means I had nothing left for the now-gone "escaped animals" signs (another fab pieces of temporary art -- more official).)
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