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OMG they upgraded Ruby!

Ruby Tuesday the ailing Roomba just came back from her service with something of a makeover. The nine beeps + circle dance must be one of those oh-forget-it errors as they'd simply scooped out the inside and sent us back another Roomba inside Ruby's old faceplate. Of the original Ruby, only the bin and brushes remain. She's not even the same model; we've gone from a geriatric 560 to a nippy 581. But if the insides of your Roomba have been entirely changed is she still the same machine? Ehhhhh I'd say no, so we've rechristened her Ruby Wednesday. She never went cleaning on a Tuesday anyway.

First work in progress is up on the Strumpet blog -- from Kripa Joshi. Scripts, plans and ideas are coming tumbling in. I suppose we should kick off the Kickstarter soon... last year we waited until the bulk of the art was in but I reckon the extra months would pay out -- especially as we (and Kickstarter) will no longer have the benefits of novelty. One thing I'm not sure is that I'll be able to fit in a strip by me this time, which would make me cover/co-editor only, which makes me feel a bit ... oh, I don't know. I think of the women whose work has disappeared into editing the work of others and there's a bit of a cold panic. But I shouldn't forget that plenty come the other way, too and not fear the editorial function. Certainly it feels easier to advocate/promote/celebrate on behalf of somebody else. Oh, speaking of which, one of our contributors is looking for people to stay with in Europe as she's travelling as part of the writing process. If anyone fancies that/knows anyone who does, message me an email address and I'll send on more information and put you in touch with her -- I'm sure she'll make a lovely houseguest, put you in her graphic novel, etc.

...and I won't be at Comiket this weekend - I'm working - and if you're a bit bored of hearing that, think how I feel. But ellenlindner assures me that Strumpet will be on sale on the tozocomic table and you can of course buy Strumpet and Ink + Paper online too thanks again Dave :)

I should really buy a couple more Ink + Papers myself, actually. I've long since burned through my initial pile and The Amazing Calabroni Sisters is always the comic of mine I want to push under people's noses, although I really should be forgetting that and thinking about the next comic.


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19th Apr, 2012 08:12 (UTC)
Frankly if I get a bit old and decrepit scooping out my brain and replacing it with a better one is not a solution I favour.
19th Apr, 2012 09:25 (UTC)
Less an upgrade, more a new entity with the old one's face nailed to it
19th Apr, 2012 09:25 (UTC)
Places to stay in Europe
By "Europe" do I take it to mean "not London?"
19th Apr, 2012 12:20 (UTC)
Re: Places to stay in Europe
Sorry should have said - she's either not after UK locations or is planning on doing them in a later, I forget which
19th Apr, 2012 11:33 (UTC)
How do the services work with the Roomba - do you have a regular service plan?
19th Apr, 2012 12:26 (UTC)
Unfortunately nothing so developed - there's a preferred service company on the website which offers one-off services, which are quite expensive. However, they did send us back a working roomba! You can also order bits and replace them yourself - we did that for the battery, it's easy enough for the removable components. Unfortunately Ruby had worn out her bump sensors, which are quite internal...
19th Apr, 2012 14:44 (UTC)
Hmm, interesting. I'd really like another Roomba because it was so good at vacuuming my room (small, but awkward and with a carpet that attracts hair and fluff to an unnatural degree). Ours wore out and I've been reluctant to buy another because the device is still not designed right as far as I can tell. I would far rather have sealed units that prevent dust getting in and modular, easily cleaned / replaced parts than all the fancy add-ons. In particular, the process of cleaning the unit involved very fiddly work with a screwdriver - and had to be done frequently.
19th Apr, 2012 18:21 (UTC)
I had to clean the gearbox cartridge on ours once, but only the once. Otherwise it all seemed pretty easy I have to say. Maybe they've improved?
Also, it seems like if something terminally wears out then what happens is you pay the service price (about £140) and get a new Roomba with your old one's face nailed on. Ours wasn't in warranty or anything. It's kind of like sending your AI off to the serial killer from "Silence of the Lambs".

Edited at 2012-04-19 18:22 (UTC)
20th Apr, 2012 11:42 (UTC)
That's useful to know, thanks. I might look at getting another. My biggest question is whether it's worth paying twice as much for a more advanced model - I don't want any of the fancy stuff, just Roomba vacuuming! Are the more advanced ones better made, is the question.
19th Apr, 2012 12:36 (UTC)
Yay for happy Ruby!
20th Apr, 2012 07:35 (UTC)
The Amazing Calabroni Sisters *is* the comic of yours I always shove under people's noses. That and an old Girlfrenzy with the Hair Turning to the Dark Side.
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