Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

keeping up wth the timeses

Walking to work in the rain is particularly good at the moment. The swallows are fresh back in town and feeding, fighting and flirting over the water. Every morning is an avian air show of belly rolls, super-swoops and intense mid-air twitter fights. I've not seen our resident couple back yet (although timscience says he's heard some faint twittering in the eaves.

Speaking of timscience, it's been the first festival round of the year. Wittstock in Culham at the lovely Railway Inn, Music in the Park at Thame on the only sunny day in spring, among others. The time when I was going to festivals a lot was a bit of an odd time in my life, and when I'm back at one I feel myself dropping into that odd, alienated state of mind again; that sense of liking and not liking the situation. Thank goodness for carrying a camera.

Oxford Punt (marathon new bands multi-venue gig night) was this week and I managed a creditable 7 and a bit bands in 5 venues. New kids on the block include Deer Chicago, Dallas Don't, Secret Rivals, Tiger Mendoza and The Cellar Family. Good night all round -- interesting to see two new venues open up, too; the Junction, a roadworks-themed club in that dive opposite the registry office, and The Dukes Cut, which is now using its patio area as a stage (you can watch the traffic go by behind the performers through the huge glass doors). Nothing quite like watching the Number 5 bus sail by behind the band.

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