Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

audio snapshots

As a result of aggregating my audio files, I've ended up with some odd bits of found sound in my itunes library. A few have wormed their way into my May mix, so I ended up this week on my commute listening to the sound of waves on a beach in Mull plus a snippet of conversation with my Mum several years ago. While watching swallows and terns on the Thames. It was disorientating, but lovely nevertheless.

One of the slightly annoying thing about my new camera is how buried the audio record is. On the last one I just had to bash a button twice. This one needs to be in a particular mode, requires you to open a menu, then scroll to the bottom... I guess not so many people wanted to take sound photos after all.

Unrelated: Bompass and Parr to float Brunel's SS Great Britain on neon lime green jelly. Jelly!
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