Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

peach leaf curl; caramel shoes; Heyford Hill Campus

OMG nectarine has caught peach leaf curl! It's the weather, apparently, and not a thing to be done, but pick off the nasty leaves, fertilise, and wait. First of the redcurrants, first chilli pepper. The gooseberry has those caterpillars that eat gooseberry leaves on it. But on the whole, more win than bother.

I'm still considering the fitflops. The amount of forced marches through the rain is probably not helping but it is worth remembering that my gait is a finely tuned thing, and should be respected, and not changed arbitrarily. And then there's the thing I noticed about the colour. They're exactly the same colour as Greggs caramel icing:

Fitflops doing their bit

Last week involved a visit to Heyford Hill campus -- a curious corner of Brookes served by an impressively convenient bus -- for the latest in my current series of training courses. It was lovely -- a proper campus feel. They also had this guarding the door:

Bookworm view O

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