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kickstarter treasures - Team Girl Comics

My Team Girl comic is back from the Kickstarter (still got something strange from the US due, but I imagine it's taking the surface route). Kickstarter is fun. You cast a few dollars on the muddy waters of the internet and (weeks to months later) your letterbox returns delights. Nice cover from Coleen Campbell -- and a short from her inside that is a beautifully moody, shady tangle of blacks and greys. Be nice to see a longer story from her. Gill Hatcher's always a pleasure -- her artwork's simple, loud and expressive, but the beauty's in the observation and the small details. Also amazed/delighted to see a two strips based on dreams by Heather Honeypears -- one's called "Chloe Sevigny Behaves badly at a Buffet". Chloe was one of my famous Dames of Paris for our ill-fated Parisien issue of Whores of Mensa and it's nice to see her getting into other comics (not to mention awesome to find that Heather is still doing comics). In the correct Kickstyler style it's a massive package -- 18(?) contributors so I'm not going to name them all (sorry) but will point out that it's pretty comprehensive on the many genres front -- embroidery comic, romantic manga, goth, humour, curvy, trauma, you name it, it's in there.

Anyway, to work. Through the rain. Hi Monday, you're looking -- much the same as usual


17th Jul, 2012 23:29 (UTC)
tired now
The IM Japanese chatbot loves this entry. So far today I've deleted three. And no -- I don't translate them, or wonder at their mystery, or think ooo, what could this be? I just tidy them away, with the exasperated sigh of someone whose administrative load is already massive. Another twig in my vast fardle? Oh, cheers, and will you stop it? Enough already! Presumably it's someone with a major grudge against LJ -- the length and persistence of the attack excludes the random, in the same way that most people won't bother attacking people they don't know.