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Central London, as I'm sure you've been told and told by now, is strangely quiet and clear of disruption. The tube lines all have good service, and there are pink-clad volunteers grinning and flirting on every street corner. You can find a seat, somewhere to sit down, breakfast, anything you might need at short notice. I was in London with timscience for our anniversary celebrations, which consisted of Heatherwick at the V&A (we saw the moving bridge demonstration!), the latest work of The Plastinator (eat after you go, not before), visit to my sister, Light Asylum and Planning to Rock at Antony's Meltdown and, oh yes, A Room for London.

This old thing! it's a boat
happy anniversary! slightly scary
welcome to the final mooring it's quite a simple key

I've uploaded a few of the photos. More to follow. It was good.


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5th Aug, 2012 08:57 (UTC)
It looks wonderful. I'm glad you had a good time.
5th Aug, 2012 20:04 (UTC)
It was blissful!
5th Aug, 2012 14:43 (UTC)
Oh it was finally time for A Room for London? Looks fab.
5th Aug, 2012 20:02 (UTC)
Yes, it was lovely :)
6th Aug, 2012 11:17 (UTC)
Love both the view and the green dress in the picture of you.
7th Aug, 2012 06:55 (UTC)
The dress mugged me in the M&S sale. Peplum! Cut-away straps! Bird print! I suspect it's very 2012....

Product shots at:

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