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Waking up every morning from stupidly complex and elaborate dreams. This morning; holed up in a vast country house while some unexplained terror took place outside; chewing a mouthful very carefully, because I'm not sure if there's a wasp in it; assembling fancy packages in a huge room full of rows of tables, like a formal dining hall or a really fancy classroom (somebody else's project). I could have stayed in that one for another few hours, but the day was starting.

Every day I come back from work to find the hall looking a little more finished as timscience progresses with operation hall-and-stairs. An odd stop motion effect, like rot in reverse. We have a cracked stair tread (just the one) which is annoying. Anyone had to replace one of them?

Still feeling a little missed out at not having gone to the Olympics; apart from anything else, the park is full of exactly the sort of art I like (corporate, conflicted, awkwardly lunging towards a better world). Still hoping the Pringle will re-open for regular cycle races afterwards, too. Am I alone in thinking that Oxford needs a velodrome? A night out at the bikes appeals strikes me as the sort of evening I could really get behind; unlike boxing, you can a least pretend that it's not all about the injuries, and unlike the dogs, the cyclists can consent, rage, swear, storm off in a huff and retire to local sports promotion jobs. Here's a company that makes temporary velodromes. The portable ones are wicked fast; the smallest size you can get before the cyclists just fall over.

In other news, I found out that the Tigridia bulbs I bought on offer are the Tiger Lillies I remember from childhood stories (what on earth is a Tiger Lily?) who were always posh and a little snooty. Their flowers only last for a day, which is probably why they aren't too popular in a world where you could blink and miss that, however, they look like this:

whoa!!!! tiger lily


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16th Aug, 2012 08:28 (UTC)
A night at the bikes sounds fun but I am not that a temporary velodrome would do it.
Wikipedia is not sure what a tiger lily is but we used to have day lilies (hemerocallis) in the old garden which wikpedia says is "The perfect perennial, due to its dazzlings colors, ability to tolerate drought, capability to thrive in many zones, and requiring very little care." It worked for us.
16th Aug, 2012 12:21 (UTC)
The temporary velodrome allows you to test public interest and forms part of the consultative phase that precedes the actual velodrome
16th Aug, 2012 12:24 (UTC)
I do have some day lillies too
But there's a toxicity issue, and they don't like the repeated drowning and slug assault my garden suffers
16th Aug, 2012 10:55 (UTC)
I think an Oxford velodrome would be an excellent thing!
17th Aug, 2012 06:49 (UTC)
There's even a nice patch of toxic-looking wasteland at the end of the bike route up to the stadium that would be PERFECT
16th Aug, 2012 17:48 (UTC)
The Paralympics have tickets for sale - I'd be tempted myself if I could possibly get tickets for when I'm in the country (wheelchair fencing and wheelchair rugby spring to mind, both sports I might have half an interest in seeing.)

The bloody ticketing website is unfathomable though.
16th Aug, 2012 19:52 (UTC)
The day pass sounds like a good deal, if I can snaffle some. Nothing available at the moment
16th Aug, 2012 20:22 (UTC)
I was surprised how much fun a night at the bikes was here in Amsterdam. There was a mixture of longer and shorter races, so sometimes you could tune out a bit and go and fetch a beer, but when you needed to concentrate it was only for four minutes, and then the same people were turning up in them again and again so you could sort of get to know the characters and cheer for numbers you liked and suchlike. It made a lot of sense as a random night out, and as you say without the animal issues.
17th Aug, 2012 06:48 (UTC)
THAT's what I'm talking about. Was there betting, too? Was it fun without?
17th Aug, 2012 11:02 (UTC)
There was no betting, but it was fun anyway, and it was in the middle of a Six Days thing, so it's not even like anyone won anything definitive that night. The endless cups of Jupiler and the worst and cheese with mustard may have helped, mind.
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