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late card is late

I've started watching The Bletchley Circle, a new drama about ex-codebreakers turned detectives. It's a heady mix of post-war fashion, serial killers and the complex issue of folding yourself back into ordinary life after the war; the struggling with women's place in society gives it a bittersweet girl's comic touch, as if the Four Marys had grown up, gone to war, and were back fighting the slings and arrows of outrageous and ordinary existence. I find it nice, but YMMV -- I seem to remember at least someone saying it was wrong in every possible way. Anyone gone through the link and thinking, hang about, isn't that her from Bonekickers, yes it is. Nothing on fire yet but I have high hopes. Other news: there's a Hobbycraft in Oxford, off the Botley Road. Picked up some cut-price promarkers! They also have haberdashery, wool, baking paraphernalia, etc.

Also: late wedding card is very late.

Mysterious card! Anniversary!
... or, maybe? shelf of CARDS!

Oxford post has its moments ... and this one may be my favourite.


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10th Sep, 2012 11:15 (UTC)
Ah, the post office. This is part of it's unique charm, I always thing.
10th Sep, 2012 12:05 (UTC)
Uuuunnnnngh! Promarkers! I need more urgently. Cut price you say? It happens I'll be in Oxford tomorrow so maybe I can take a detour to Botley Road (is it on the trading estate with parking?)

10th Sep, 2012 18:57 (UTC)
lots of parking
Yes, it's up Lamarsh Road past the Army Surplus shop, a new bit near Jewsons
10th Sep, 2012 19:05 (UTC)
Re: lots of parking
My wallet curses you!
10th Sep, 2012 18:38 (UTC)
Goodness. The Four Marys. Co-incidentally, I was thinking about them the other night (or have you mentioned the strip elsewhen?). *Weirdest* schoolgirl comic-strip EVAH. Absolutely bloody brilliant. School got transported to Mars at one point, iirc.

Edited at 2012-09-10 18:38 (UTC)
10th Sep, 2012 19:01 (UTC)
sounds like you got a good run
I remember them stressing about subject choices, worrying about parental crises and going to a comprehensive. Not their finest moment!

They were mentioned in the Guardian the other week as part of the flap when the Dandy died.
10th Sep, 2012 21:29 (UTC)
It gets time-shifted as it is up against Good Cop on BBC1. I don't have an opinion on Bonekickers Lady but was drawn to Anna Maxwell Martin, The Rigg Child and Sophie Rundle Albeit With Her Top On.
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