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visiting comics luminary

Had that Paul Gravett staying on my sofa at the weekend. He was in Oxford for a highly disciplined interdisciplinary conference, with a constant rolling programme of intensive discussions about various different aspects of comics. It was massively gruelling - everyone attending had to present once and be in discussions constantly! Paul overran his talk with too much to say, and ended up saying One More Slide! as the organiser furiously stabbed their watch and waved minus five fingers. It was also intensely international, and each day he came back with nuggets of glory from around the world. Three days, three things:

Bhimayana, experiences of untouchability defies the orthodoxy of comics in tiny black-and-white boxes. Panels wriggle and writhe across the page, loaded with hidden symbolic meaning. No line is wasted! Pics and a review through the link.

Trese by Budgette Tan -- poetic Filopino horror series with an intense following online, the female lead seems to provoke strong feelings. Currently seeking a UK source...

Last but not least, Fantagraphics has obtained Guy Peelaert's candy coloured acid comic masterpieces Jodelle and Pravda. Alas, Jodelle (which should appeal to any classicists* in the room, it's set in the Eternal Roman Empire (with vampires)) is coming out first, but Pravda should be worth the wait....

Also: Kickstarter for The Strumpet. Preorder your copy, etc.

*Er, maybe.


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11th Sep, 2012 08:08 (UTC)
Minus five digits - the good, old, clenched fist.
11th Sep, 2012 20:12 (UTC)
Wow, that Bhimanaya book in particular looks awesome. Thanks for the tip, will look out for it or maybe request it at the library!

ETA: so not surprised that Paul's talk overran - his timing of talks is always a triumph of optimism (and enthusiasm) over pragmatics... D'you remember that Grant Morrison interview we got to in London some 35 minutes after it had started, only to find that it ran for an unexpected further hour or so? We got our money's worth that time all right...

Edited at 2012-09-11 20:15 (UTC)
12th Sep, 2012 06:40 (UTC)
Paul left me a copy, I'll bring it over for you to borrow
12th Sep, 2012 07:13 (UTC)
Fantastic, that would be much appreciated.
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