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Awesome and yet

Comics Journal have reviewed The Strumpet 1 on their august digital pages. How things have changed! Now, if only we could link that to the pre-order kickstarter for Strumpet #2 somehow. I'd leave a comment but they clearly have a comments policy and I don't want to break it so I need to check their policy first... From the comments so far you can see they already had a troll-pile so I don't want to add to the problem (How things haven't changed!)

Amusing to see myself mentioned in dispatches for the first time in a while. From the sounds of it my tumbledown shed of a story did not really impress -- "Jeremy Day’s ramshackle, casual and scribbly line... expressive, spontaneous" etc. Well, never mind. It's partly my own fault for always trying to cram 20 pages into 10 -- but that one's hard to avoid. I never want to waste space, there is so little of it.

Work, value, time, space, expression. It's a difficult balance. And on that note, off to work.


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21st Sep, 2012 08:02 (UTC)
Their BUY IT NOW link goes to http://www.strumpetcomic.com/ which links to the kickstarter so people should be able to get there...
21st Sep, 2012 14:45 (UTC)
ah great, it's covered. relief!
21st Sep, 2012 08:53 (UTC)
I may be biased but
...I read the reviewer's use of ramshackle etc as an odd choice of word but actually intended as a compliment. I think that was because the second part of the comment on yours was pretty positive I thought.
21st Sep, 2012 14:49 (UTC)
Re: I may be biased but
it is a positive review for Strumpet, and that's a great thing, I'm very happy with it overall and it's come at a great time
21st Sep, 2012 10:21 (UTC)
Expressive! Spontaneous! are positive words that should put a sproing in your bounce.

I saw the removed comments and I wondered *who could be mean to cartoonists*? What has the world come to.
21st Sep, 2012 14:48 (UTC)
it's historically a site with pretty robust interaction styles
21st Sep, 2012 10:42 (UTC)
Congratulations :-)
21st Sep, 2012 15:02 (UTC)
Yay for reviews! It sounds like they like your style.
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