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my tiny harvest

I've probably complained too hard about this year's weather. Yes, there have been huge dry spells at inconvenient moments, a preponderance of chilling winds, months of rain when we needed sun, and a positive tsunami of slugs snails weevils aphids caterpillars and other pests. However: observe the bounteous offerings of my tiny garden! Are they not shiny and delicious? I put everything bar the fruit under some chicken in a marmite (slight complexities to allow for different cooking needs of different veg elided) and softened the raspberry and the alpine strawberry with a pear for pudding. My ability to make food from dirt is, as timscience repeatedly reminds me, practically WITCHCRAFT.

harvest of garden


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22nd Sep, 2012 09:49 (UTC)
Tasty magic.
22nd Sep, 2012 10:02 (UTC)
That's not bad. For my efforts this year I have ended up with 15 or so reasonably sized potatoes, 2 small onions discovered when the potatoes were dug up (I'd thought they'd all failed) a goodbatch of mange tout (I recommend these to you for next year) and a sudden late burst of energy from the manky courgette, which has led me to donate many over-sized offerings to our tea ladies. All coming through at different times, so no photos.
22nd Sep, 2012 10:13 (UTC)
ooer missus
Donating oversized courgettes to tea ladies ... snark...

Which mange-tout? I tend to get all peas and beans stripped by slugs so I'm looking for a robust mange-tout if that's not a total contradiction in terms....
22nd Sep, 2012 11:29 (UTC)
Those purple peppers look like they should be polished and displayed as works of art. I managed a similar sort of amount of tomatoes from my indoor plants, i.e. nothing like the amount I should have had given their jungliness, but they were so intensely tasty I didn't entirely mind.

(What is chicken in a marmite?)
22nd Sep, 2012 13:36 (UTC)
The chicken is just chicken, the marmite is a curvy cooking pot -- Nigella Lawson's Marmitout in my case, though I spent a LOT less than that on mine!
22nd Sep, 2012 17:43 (UTC)
That's an ingenious device. So you can sort of use it as two separate different sized pans as well?
23rd Sep, 2012 10:36 (UTC)
marmitout seems to be the proper name, my bad
Yes! The top is a teeny-tiny curvy frying pan, perfect for browning onions or meat or giving some veg a bit of a char, then you dump the lot into the bottom to cook. I was first introduced to the concept by the Le Creuset version but (dare I say it) the Nigella one is better as it's non-stick throughout and doesn't weigh as much...

(Deleted comment)
23rd Sep, 2012 11:05 (UTC)
deeper soil maybe
The flavour is wonderful, but I've only had a few fruit, I may need to grow it differently next year
22nd Sep, 2012 17:53 (UTC)
What gourd things taste like?
Seamstress - Cheryl Roby, Cavell rd, under dressmaker in Thompsons.
23rd Sep, 2012 10:40 (UTC)
Delicious! Like a dense courgette crossed with.... hm, oh, butternut squash. Looking at its shape, I wonder if it's .... OK, yes. A young Butternut squash! Tasty!

Thanks for the dressmaker details

22nd Sep, 2012 19:34 (UTC)
I didn't even know you could get exploding cucumbers. (Though I've seen footage of squirting - just didn't know that's what they were called.)

I take it your spiky-fruits don't squirt or explode? Or do they?
23rd Sep, 2012 10:48 (UTC)
Exploding Cucumber
I get the seed from The Real Seed Company, scroll down and read the health warnings! Not the same as Squirting Cucumber (I don't think these plants are really cucumbers at all, it's just called that because of the flavour). Achocha sort of split rather than explode, expelling a small slurry of watery innards and seeds (despite their weird shape it's easy to miss a fruit and let it go over)!
23rd Sep, 2012 18:59 (UTC)
Re: Exploding Cucumber
We have finally perfected the art of sneaking up on the unopened fruit and suddenly grabbing it from behind so it can't explode.

Fnarr fnarr!
25th Sep, 2012 13:43 (UTC)
Small but beautifully formed! : - )
25th Sep, 2012 17:47 (UTC)
Re: Harvest
( 15 worms — Feed the birds )