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Strange dreams last night. Doing some work at truecatachresis's place which was a huge rambling house on a hill on the outskirts of town. I saw a mouse, and then another mouse, and then there were lots of mice and even big black and white rats in the place -- but they looked clean and well cared for and I wondered if they were not actually an infestation but pets.

Last night, earlier; a discussion of the upcoming Mayan apocalypse down the pub. I shamefully confused my Aztec and Mayan gods. Pulque and the rabbit gods belong to the Aztecs, of course. The Mayans had balché (a brutal cocktail of mead and insecticide) and the bee gods. Wondering if it's better to have an apocalypse party or a day after the apocalypse party. Either way, we had some great ideas for snacks (pyramid stacks of chocolate cake with raspberry coulis running down them) and cocktails (see above). I use apocalypse loosely here; the end of the long count (and the beginning of the next) could be seen simply as a very occasional new year's party.


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1st Oct, 2012 05:51 (UTC)
Well, that's one way to make an apocalypse party...
1st Oct, 2012 07:08 (UTC)
Pulque sounds like a bathtub-in-a-shed job - get to it /-)
1st Oct, 2012 07:35 (UTC)
I am not going to be making pulque!!!
Apart from any other considerations (of which there are many), WRONG APOCALYPSE
1st Oct, 2012 11:52 (UTC)
I'd be on the side of a party on apocalypse day itself. There'd be nothing worse than having the apocalypse arrive and be thinking 'dammit, I won't get to have that party'. And if you have it on the night and survive, you can always have another one the day after.
1st Oct, 2012 18:00 (UTC)
though there is the risk of a 48 hour party there, for sure
That's certainly my inclination. The surviving, as well
1st Oct, 2012 12:37 (UTC)
Have you been watching Lewis or similar? I remember at least one episode featuring a "wild" rat that very, very clearly spent its entire life shuttling between ratty lunches, rodent beauty parlors, and fundraising events for distressed rodent thesps fallen on hard times.
1st Oct, 2012 17:59 (UTC)
One day, all rats will look like that
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