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I was calculating how long I need to do my comics yesterday. The hours stack up, they do; and that time is time that is not spent sorting out the hall/dealing with the kitchen/doing that Open University Course I'm still not sure I'm going to do. I think one of the attractions of social networking is that the time is spent in such tiny coin you never even notice it going.

It's the final furlong on the Kickstarter, and we're currently five off our stretch goal of 100 backers. If you know anyone who might make up the numbers, please give them a prod in the next 15 hours.

I spent most of my comics time last week making fliers and in hilarious negotiations with glittering comics luminaries over which night was still free in early November (answer, none of them). However, we finally found a date which was only a moderate clash:

Launch Poster Strumpet and ink + paper

See you there, do you know anyone who can play the trumpet, etc. etc.


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23rd Oct, 2012 08:13 (UTC)
OK I'm in.
23rd Oct, 2012 17:55 (UTC)
thank you very much
woop woop!
23rd Oct, 2012 10:50 (UTC)
Backed! Hopefully I'll see you at the launch party too. (Do I need to bring an invite or just turn up? Will there be a caper in my drink?)
23rd Oct, 2012 17:56 (UTC)
I'm making a list and you're on it, but yes, just turn up :)
23rd Oct, 2012 10:54 (UTC)
Oh, and regarding your tumblr post, Topshop are currently selling an amazing feather jacket. I was dead tempted (pricey, but cheap for a feather jacket) however, on trying it on, I looked like the person in you tumbler post, so alas, no jacket for me.
23rd Oct, 2012 13:07 (UTC)
That really would complete the undead vulture look so perfected by Hilary Devey.

Edited at 2012-10-23 13:07 (UTC)
23rd Oct, 2012 17:58 (UTC)
And also make her look like Noel Fielding's mum
23rd Oct, 2012 17:57 (UTC)
I can see that one interacting with any sort of, ah, chest curvature SPECTACULARLY BADLY
23rd Oct, 2012 19:31 (UTC)
I totally looked like a stuffed chicken, gutted! I love the concept of a feather jacket, and the green sheeny feathers are amazing, but... I looked hilarious! GAH.

Oh and opera chicken man. Could it be rather literal version of Papageno from the Magic Flute?

Edited at 2012-10-23 19:38 (UTC)
24th Oct, 2012 06:32 (UTC)
I think so, though I suppose he might be dressed as a chicken for the sheer giddy heck of it!
John Burnham
23rd Oct, 2012 11:43 (UTC)
Kickstarter ? Comics ? I'm persuaded.
23rd Oct, 2012 17:58 (UTC)
thank you!
23rd Oct, 2012 21:51 (UTC)
I wish I could contribute to the Kickstarter (I did so love Strumpet #1), but I am in a much more financially precarious position than I was when I contributed previously.

I don't suppose I could swap you some art (multiple prints) for a copy at some time in the future?
24th Oct, 2012 06:38 (UTC)
Sorry to hear that -- Strumpet swaps ahoy! I'll mail you when we've launched :)
24th Oct, 2012 17:14 (UTC)
Excellent! I look forward to it :)

I hope to be working very soon again, but it's been three months without work.
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