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I walked past my dentist this morning and the place was empty. The Opticians below it was gone, too, if anyone was still using them. Furious, although apparently there's a dentist called Tim on Beumont Street (sic) who is keen to take me on, although I doubt it will be on as favourable terms as I had there. Furious. Not furious enough to go to Reading or London, mind (which are now my nearest branches). I wandered around town in a slight daze after that, seeing evidence of decay and recession all around. Are we doomed? I wondered, as I irritably discovered that despite the plethora of pound-shops in town (more evidence of recession!) there were no decent packets of spiders or worms (I'm a Halloween traditionalist, and like to give the kids a trick as well as a treat).

Speaking of Halloween, it was glittertigger's party at the weekend, and I went as this:


Also went to see Bond, which had a touch of the Topgear and Tory (there's a pub name to conjure with back away from slowly) about it. Some nice chases and action sequences, but it left me a bit cold, felt a bit like the first of a trilogy, didn't really pile it on hard enough or high enough -- perhaps the next couple of films will improve on this new iteration, I do like the idea of the desk team (MQMp) being much more action capable. Has the potential to bring the action home more. Kind of hilarious that the bad guy was Julian Assange, too (and it looks like Bond would also rather have wasps in his loft than Assange in his Flange).


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29th Oct, 2012 19:31 (UTC)
This is the best review of the Bond film (which I've not yet seen, am saving it for days off next week) I've read so far.
29th Oct, 2012 20:27 (UTC)
and dresses
It has some very pretty explosions
29th Oct, 2012 19:41 (UTC)
Poundshops? It ain't creepily run down until you have a plethora of pawnbrokers. I've got 6 just round the corner all within the same square half mile. Surely that's excessive.
29th Oct, 2012 20:26 (UTC)
Sounds like a front for something to me. Have you noticed any Dr Who villains around the place?
29th Oct, 2012 19:45 (UTC)
You could try the Rose Hill NHS dentist, my impression is there are some round here that take new patients, this being a richish part of the country (to those that have etc. etc.)
As I may have said on LJ previously I definitely felt that the pound-shops (which were always there) were encroaching on the more up-market bit of Reading town centre i.e. the boundary has moved.
Abingdon has as many empty shops as ever - at least one bunch of offices have a planning permission to turn into flats sign, which seems a good idea to me as people clearly want to live here more than shop here.
Not personally sure the necrotic tendrils of fungal decay ((c) mr_snips) [the opposite of 'green shoots of recovery'] have got any more pronounced.
29th Oct, 2012 20:27 (UTC)
yes yes I know first world problems
Gallingly, I was on a plan, a bloody good one too
29th Oct, 2012 20:09 (UTC)
Assange in his Flange
Worst Wonky Donkey ever.
29th Oct, 2012 20:25 (UTC)
ant and dec where are you now?
I just googled that and can say with some confidence: not even close
31st Oct, 2012 00:22 (UTC)
Re: ant and dec where are you now?
Try L'Assange est Dans L'Arbre my fave franglais evah..
29th Oct, 2012 20:53 (UTC)
it was glittertigger's party at the weekend, and I went as this

(I will now hide under the duvet)

29th Oct, 2012 21:09 (UTC)
Errrr. Well, hm. Guess we need to find a new dentist.
31st Oct, 2012 10:17 (UTC)
indeed. bugger
30th Oct, 2012 18:46 (UTC)
It was lovely to see you on Saturday and thanks for making the effort to dress up :) Busy this evening but will hope to catch up with you in the pub some Tuesday soon.
31st Oct, 2012 10:17 (UTC)
No effort, and thank you -- the sort of party I can wear THAT MASK to is a rare thing
31st Oct, 2012 00:20 (UTC)
I enjoyed Skyfall, but agree it somehow didnt quite have the impact it should have had what with M (spoiler|) and Bond's past (spoiler) an all that - as an old XMen fan i strongly approve of the back story being used more (surprised you didnt mention along with Asange the prevalent theory the other main influence is the Nolan DK trilogy). But yes , first of a trilogy sounds good : now we've set up the Bond, new Q, new M, etc stuff. (But I can't really see why he should be any less jaded now than he was at the start of this one?)

Also I feel in this reboot we seem to have skipped the best bits of Bond. We had him very new in Casino Royale - Q of S comes straight after; then we seem to have quite a long movietime gap after which he's hardened and jaded at start of Sk. I wanted virile young Bond in his prime inbetween! (but the trouble is DC has so visibly aged !!)
31st Oct, 2012 10:16 (UTC)
He didn't look old to me, but they certainly signalled (and played up) his age a lot in the film. Oh, and yes the old homestead was VERY DK. The austerity Bond, perhaps? "We can't afford good make-up and decent lighting, Bond, you'll just have to make do."
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