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Great news yesterday that The Strumpets have landed! The lovely ellenlindner will hopefully follow shortly (assuming no lingering Hurricane Sandy problems delay her departure from NY) and will be ready to shake her trumpets at the launch party on Friday. Following that we'll be at Comiket and then Ellen will take off at speed on a strumpet tour through London's Comica Festival and the UK's premier comics convention Thought Bubble. Kickstarters, picking up your copy at the launch (or one of these other events) would be enormously helpful! Here are the details:

Launch Poster Strumpet and ink + paper

For those in need of additional prizes (calendars, personalised prints, etc.) Sandy has thrown us a bit off schedule -- we'll now need to do those after Ellen's UK visit. But have faith'; your prizes shall arrive!


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6th Nov, 2012 18:33 (UTC)
Sadly I will not be able to join you - I am driving to Northumbria that afternoon. No worries about delays about stuff though. have fun!
6th Nov, 2012 20:16 (UTC)
Not to worry
Have a great time in Northumbria! I will fulfil by post!
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