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The older cat has taken to neurotic pacings, late night cat-flappery and frantic box-jumping at inappropriate moments. Unlike the younger cat, who can be tranquilised completely by anything warm (she's currently tuckered out on the heated drying rack), he seems restless under almost any circumstances. I'm wondering whether Feliway might help? Has anyone tried it?

The library has been entertaining me recently. In addition to introducing me to the works of DD Barant (the second book in this paranormal crime/romance series features a serial killer obsessively referencing 90s comic books in gruesome and slightly time-displaced tableaux) I recently came home with the improbably named Asterios Polyp.


The moment they fell in love
Great attention paid to interiors
The nature of perceived reality

I also looked at the sky today and resurrected all_of_summer, because I NEED SOME HEAT


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12th Nov, 2012 23:23 (UTC)
Feliway always worked for my cats - it doesn't have an immediate effect, but after a couple of weeks, you realise that they're not pissing inside or hiding under the bed or whatever was the behavioural problem. The clincher for me was the fact that a couple of weeks after the Feliway ran out, I'd start noticing the original problem starting again, I'd go and check and find the bottle empty.
12th Nov, 2012 23:29 (UTC)
OK I'm convinced *purchase*

Edited at 2012-11-12 23:29 (UTC)
13th Nov, 2012 07:03 (UTC)
I used Feliway when Amazy first arrived, rather hyper and jumpy after various traumas. Seemed to work very well, but that could be due to her settling in, and eeling at home, I suppose.
BTW, she is acting weird, a bit like you describe Teazel's mood, and I have just invested in a refill
13th Nov, 2012 08:29 (UTC)
eeling cats
hmm, maybe it's the season
13th Nov, 2012 08:15 (UTC)
Central Library I take it? The Oxf graphic novel collection is actually not bad, is it, if it has things like Asterios Polyp in it.

Hope the Strumpet launch was great, I was sorry not to make it!
13th Nov, 2012 08:27 (UTC)
Central - though Cowley isn't bad either
Never mind Asterios Polyp, they have Nelson!!!! But yes, the youth librarian is a great believer in graphic novels and they have a really good mix.

On a Strumpety note, I have one for you, O Kickstarter! Would you be up for a visit from a Strumpet bearer at some point this week?
13th Nov, 2012 08:46 (UTC)
See separate email
Yes, the Cowley one's not bad at all, is it? I have rather gone through the sf section there, though; a lot of it is either paranormal romance which I like only some of, or that rather blokey sort of hard sf that, while very well thought-of by many of my friends, isn't my sort of thing.
14th Nov, 2012 07:48 (UTC)
Re: See separate email
Indeed, "best SF selection" according to timscience!
13th Nov, 2012 12:23 (UTC)
Re: Central - though Cowley isn't bad either
PS that's pretty cool I must say - your local library having a book that you feature in. ;-)
14th Nov, 2012 07:49 (UTC)
Re: Central - though Cowley isn't bad either
couldn't resist taking a photo
13th Nov, 2012 08:32 (UTC)
Feliway is great -- our cats mostly don't need it except around this time of year and around New Year, 'cause they're really not keen on fireworks! But when they need it, it works a treat.
13th Nov, 2012 09:00 (UTC)
I got the DD Barrant out of the central library last year and rather enjoyed them. As usual with these series they do go off a bit and I think the library only had the first 3 last I checked.
14th Nov, 2012 07:51 (UTC)
I suspect I may have started with the high point (#2) as #1 seems lighter on plot and more focussed on a love triangle that's going to get dull
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