Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

neurotikitty, the library and Asterios Polyp

The older cat has taken to neurotic pacings, late night cat-flappery and frantic box-jumping at inappropriate moments. Unlike the younger cat, who can be tranquilised completely by anything warm (she's currently tuckered out on the heated drying rack), he seems restless under almost any circumstances. I'm wondering whether Feliway might help? Has anyone tried it?

The library has been entertaining me recently. In addition to introducing me to the works of DD Barant (the second book in this paranormal crime/romance series features a serial killer obsessively referencing 90s comic books in gruesome and slightly time-displaced tableaux) I recently came home with the improbably named Asterios Polyp.


The moment they fell in love
Great attention paid to interiors
The nature of perceived reality

I also looked at the sky today and resurrected all_of_summer, because I NEED SOME HEAT

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