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I'm not switching to Dreamwidth

However, if anyone wants to refriend on their freshly minted and/or ressurected DW accounts, be my guest -- however, be aware that I'm not a fan of blog-broadcasting so I won't be doing a lot of cross-posting in any direction. But, if we get more outages, I might be more inclined to come over here rather than G+ if I thought someone was listening...

Originally posted at http://cleanskies.dreamwidth.org/908.html


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3rd Jan, 2013 23:20 (UTC)
Hell no, we won't go.
3rd Jan, 2013 23:59 (UTC)
3rd Jan, 2013 23:57 (UTC)
welp OK I have made a Timscience DW account but am currently only using it for backup ands will for the forseeable future. Especially as it doesn't seem to support all teh youtube embeds I just put in my end of year LJ post..
3rd Jan, 2013 23:59 (UTC)
nor the polls, neither!
4th Jan, 2013 00:54 (UTC)
I didn't even know there had been an outage, must have occurred while I was asleep or on the train.
I have a Dreamwidth account, I've had for years but really can't be bothered with it, I'm staying here!
4th Jan, 2013 08:01 (UTC)
Yes, they waited till you'd headed off on hols I reckon!
4th Jan, 2013 01:08 (UTC)
Do you know if there's any news on Crazycrone? Any tweets perchance?
4th Jan, 2013 08:00 (UTC)
Selina called the hospital yesterday and she's doing well, they hope to discharge today, so (fingers crossed) we'll hear fro her later today
5th Jan, 2013 12:33 (UTC)
I plan to keep reading LJ as long as there are people I like posting here! I didn't take to G+, partly because the interface confuses the living shit out of me every time I do log on.
6th Jan, 2013 14:14 (UTC)
like an enormous white atrium with nothing in it
I think G+ is hoping that the world will grow into it.
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