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Wow! Last year's resolutions were a 100% bust. From making more minicomics to sorting out the kitchen to learning to drive to grafting an apple tree (plus a few more I'll not go into) every single one was just wreckage in the jaws of 2012. But never mind! There were a bunch of things to celebrate in 2012:

Things I have bought and been and done
New certificates - ILM 3 (FLM) and PTLLS. Ready to manage and train and doing plenty of both.
Cultural Olympiad - A Room for London, more Tate than I could stand, Opening Ceremony, many other things.
The Strumpet 2012 - Launched and promoted and modestly Kickstarted, and filled with talented female cartoonists.
Backyard Harvest - Grew Fennel, Chillies, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries, squashes, peppers and even tomatoes in a year of wretched weather.
Cycling - A stellar year for UK cycling that peaked with me cheering in the Westfield branch of Yo Sushi as Bradley Wiggins brought home gold at the Olympics.
A page a day - I finished the last page on my current sketchbook on 31st Dec 2012, weirdly, but you'll have to take my word for it as I'm not scanning and posting.
New - phone, sack-truck, dresses, bag, TV, and I've just ordered a ray gun.

But never mind about that, here's the resolutions that matter:

In 2013, cleanskies resolves to...
Learn to play the ink.
Go cycling three times a week.
Go to the cartoons every month.
Become a better wine.
Apply for a new paper.
Spend less time on advice.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


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4th Jan, 2013 09:15 (UTC)
That was your 2012 apocalypse clearly.
4th Jan, 2013 10:16 (UTC)
post-apocalyptic stress disorder
Might explain the nausea and headaches
4th Jan, 2013 17:56 (UTC)
My list includes "Keep my trivia clean" which reminded me of the social faux pas of commenting, on leaving "Blade", that "Boogie Nights" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" also have cameos by porn stars in their opening scenes.
( 3 worms — Feed the birds )