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Visiting nephew C still involves an epic lego marathon, though I suspect that this may be the Last Year as he is fast following Nephew L into the Vale of Game, where Wii and Nintendo rule supreme. This year featured a random bag o' bits left by an emigrating adult friend which (we were told) had been bought for his child, but left behind as they were quite old. A quantity of it though was definitely the cannibalised leavings of a vintage minifigs collector, and the remainder has something of a rare brick chaser vibe -- I suspect ebay, and a bit of a habit. We remade them all into space pirates riding totally safe vehicles but did not make it to the final brick. There are about twenty pics through the window:

totally safe vehicles spaceship mondrian windmill
dodgy dave up top Magic Timmy


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8th Jan, 2013 19:12 (UTC)
Epic lego of awesome! Especially the ekranoplan, and the general use of headless minifigs. And, of course, the modernist space windmill.
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