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standing seats at the roh!

Saturday's attempt to visit the Rain Room failed again, and chats with the staff revealed that the wait is always at least two hours; people start queuing two hours before it opens. Saturday, it was closer to 3.5hr and we decided just to enjoy the sunshine instead, and walked over to the Tate Modern, where they had the builders in, and the gallery attendants veered between apologetic and confused. We gave up on some play fort pieces ("this is where children can play"), the perpetually closed-off tanks and an afterthoughtish participatory audio thing and moved on.

The evening was rather more fun - bargain seats at the Opera! Well, I say seats... but actually we'd booked standing space for The Minotaur at the ROH. Roh!!!! I'd not been in years and, pff, it was £3 well spent! I liked the Keres especially, harsh dissonant one-winged bird-beasts that screeched and shrieked their way round the stage whenever anyone died violently. We saw a lot of them!

Sunday was once again marked by failing to get into something; Life of Pi had sold out at the Odeon, presumably having been moved into the tiny screen in order in make way for the hordes of people who want to see Lincoln and the brutal new Bigelow flick. There was quite a long queue of aggrieved people who'd sketched out the afternoon for something positive and uplifting... but, at least there was sun in the sky.

So I tidied up the greenhouse and then retreated into the warm to read a heap of comics, including a collection of The Thirteenth Floor (an ace old Scream/Eagle strip about a tower block controlled by a crazy computer called Max) I'd picked up second hand. Only the first series, unfortunately. And the gay Judge Dredd strip (in this week's 2000AD) about which I can only say; it's out on Wednesday, and it's hilarious.


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28th Jan, 2013 00:51 (UTC)
Yes Life of Pi does stand out in the current panoply of grimness. And am I the only person who can't see the trailers for Lincoln without laughing helplessly? Day Lewis is SOOO over ACTING!
28th Jan, 2013 07:12 (UTC)
(raises hand)
Yes, laughing, sorry. Keep expecting him to turn into a zombie or start fighting vampires, too.
28th Jan, 2013 15:32 (UTC)
Re: (raises hand)
Oh if only.
I saw one respectable review (Guardian?) which said this film would be better if it had more vampires :)
28th Jan, 2013 06:40 (UTC)
I saw Lincoln last night. They'd put it into the main screen in Huntingdon, there were 5 people watching.
28th Jan, 2013 07:13 (UTC)
Was it as bad as the trailers are suggesting?
28th Jan, 2013 21:05 (UTC)
I quite enjoyed it. It's a slow burn; neither action-adventure nore the West Wing.
28th Jan, 2013 07:51 (UTC)
I made it to the Rain Room by queueing up 45 minutes before it opened on a weekday. It doesn't take very long so even though I "only" had to wait an hour the queue time to time in the rain room ratio was bad. I didn't regret it but I can't say it'd be worth waiting HOURS.
28th Jan, 2013 08:29 (UTC)
okay, that's not so bad
Might try again, with a different plan.
28th Jan, 2013 08:09 (UTC)
Eeee, the Keres were soo nightmarish. I saw it on TV several years ago, and the thought of them and their shrieking still spooks me.
28th Jan, 2013 08:30 (UTC)
There were a few startled laughs from the audience at head Keres' final triumphant squawk/shriek!
28th Jan, 2013 08:31 (UTC)
I tidied upstairs and did an early spring clean yesterday; felt much the better for too.

Saw something about the gay Judge Dredd story yesterday, would be interested to know more later. Must try to see it round yours sometime! Clearly yer actual Dredd is never going to snog anyone or anything of course but sounds like they had fun with it.
29th Jan, 2013 18:37 (UTC)
lots of fun
I'll bring it round when I visit this w'end
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