Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

Nice t-shirt!

January is time to throw out the old and I have accordingly been visiting the charity shop, tip and filling my bins. I don't like getting rid of things. The books, especially, are a bother. I have a pile of some 50-odd books of interest which are too filthy or damaged to give to a charity shop yet undeniably of interest. I still don't really have the right idea about what to do with them. Then there are the clothes. Clothes swapping (thanks glittertigger) and the charity shop take care of most types of clothing, but there are still bothers; old t-shirts and jackets I have loved and worn to scruffiness but not unwearability especially. Because, fundamentally, you only need a few painting t-shirts and gardening jackets and I have LOTS. So I'm going to try and get rid of them. Although, see my gallery of departing t-shirts below for just how difficult this is:

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