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Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 1, Captain America

With various friends, we just watched all six of the Avengers Movies over two days as a two-day birthday celebration for two heroic friends, with appropriate accompaniments and entertainments. I found out some neat new recipes, many valuable lessons were learned about the importance of keeping your lab books, backing up research and securing your funding streams, and the whole thing was thoroughly tweeted (and got two hash tags - #alcoholicsassemble and #ultimateavengersmoviemarathon, though that won't get you to the most complete record which was kept by oxfordslacker).

In this spirit of keeping good records, under the cuts are the menus, watching notes and selected recipes. Though if you venture under the cut be warned; the contents are heroic and will consume both space and time.

A note about the menus: I have sketches for better versions of the menus, I didn't have time to draw them, but in the end the food was the important thing.

Captain America

Patriot Popsicles Tony Star calls Captain America a "capsicle" in Avengers, but a) he's being an ass and b) that sounds confusing. Patriot Popsicles (flavoured with cherry, vanilla and patriotism!) were three-layer lollipops; a red layer flavoured with cherry and grenadine, a white layer made of sugared vanilla milk, and a blue layer coloured with blue curacao. The trick with lollipops is to make sure they contain enough sugar that they won't separate when you freeze them (particularly true of milk pops) and enough flavouring to get through the ice, without being so syrupy they won't freeze properly. Despite the fact that someone had "improved" lollipop makers to nigh-unusability, they came out quite well. No-one took any photos, but they were at least as beautiful as any of these.

Hydra Hail I was going to buy mixed seafood salad from the Italian delicatessen in the covered market, which always had lovely seafood salad, but it had turned into a Harvey's. There was a tiny token amount of fresh pasta left, tacked onto the sandwich shop, just enough that it could pretend it was still the same shop. So I went over to the fish shop in the covered market and discovered it (even more blatantly) had turned into a Meatmasters, with a fish counter in front of it, just enough that it could pretend it was the same shop. Covered market; not what it used to be. So I got indifferent squid, beer battered by squidmeister timscience (squid is very much a four hand job) and served with a bloody sauce of fresh tomato, fresh basil, and chilli, seasoned to taste. All this for a single scene where Hugo Weaving's octopus badge is splattered with blood! I'd say skip it, but it was delicious, so; vindicated.

Howard Stark's Misunderstood Fondue There's a long sequence of fondue-based japery between Howard, Peggy and Cap in the film, and birthday girls tinyjo and squigglyruth are both fans of the fondue. The reason we ended up dipping flash-fried steak, broccoli and potatoes into the the fondue is down to Colonel Phillips' attempts to make the hydra evil scientist defect (he serves him a steak dinner). The Colonel accompanies things with a glass of milk; Howard Stark and Peggy prefer wine; and it doesn't really matter what the Cap drinks, of course. Take care of the broccoli; it needs to be still firm, otherwise you'll end up (as we did) with an awful lot of broccoli-based forfeits.

In the end we didn't have a Foaming Hydra Poison Tooth, but I thought I'd include the recipe here for the heck of it. Take a measure of Kraken black spiced rum, mix with an equal quantity of the blood of your enemies (Grenadine) and strychnine (Absinthe). Add a speck of dry ice and drink when the foaming stops. I think you could make a safer version with a foamer but I don't have a foamer -- yet!

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