Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 2-3, Iron Man 1 & 2

Whether it came from Robert Downey Jnr. or Iron Man himself, there is a heck of a lot of eating and drinking in Iron Man's two films (and whenever he's on screen during Avengers for that matter). Millionnaire playboy party maniac -- tottering from reception to bedroom (where the champagne appears to be plumbed in) to charity fundraiser; before we've even finished with the credits and flashback sequence which opens Iron Man 1, he's drunk whisky, champagne, sake, wine, more whisky, more champagne, and been blown up. We had indoor fireworks for that.

There were, however a few key foodie moments too:


Iron Man 1

An American Cheeseburger This, consisting as it did of Finest* steakburgers pounded into tiny patties, fried hard and served in fancy M&S miniature white soft seeded buns with salad, ketchup, American mustard, processed cheese slices and a few fancy leaves, almost certainly contained no horse. They were declared extremely good and really hit the spot after all the drinking. Warm gently just before serving to make sure the cheese is soft.

Tony Stark's Favourite Pizza Bad news in Iron Man films is always accompanied by food. We (over)ordered in.

The rest of the film was mostly martinis.

Iron Man 2

Mickey Rourke starts this film off by swigging vodka from the bottle while howling. In convenient error, our hosts oxfordhacker and tinyjo accidentally passed round a 70cl bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Convenient!

Poor Pepper's omelette To soften the news that he is dying, Tony cooks Pepper an omelette. It looks nasty. I cooked it in the burger fat and hacked it around the pan a bit so it looked bad and tasted good.

Explosive potato jailbreak Bad Mr Hammer breaks Mickey Rourke out of French jail by sending him explosive potatoes and a patsy to die in his place. Nasty! I roasted potatoes in chilli, Black salt, smoked salt, smoked garlic and pepper. They tasted good but were probably very bad for us.

Detox shot to the neck Black Widow puts a syringe of some nasty-looking grey stuff into Tony's neck. We used a shot of Creme de Violettes in an espresso measure of black coffee.

Peppered strawberries Tony buys strawberries. Pepper Potts is allergic to strawberries. Freshly ground black pepper on strawberries is very nice indeed.

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