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Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 4, Hulk

Ed Norton's justly neglected Hulk had the lowest roster of viewers of all of the film (in case you're wondering we were catering for 7-12 people) which is a shame because in it, Dr Banner/Hulk walks from Brazil to New Columbia, and mostly the change in scene is signalled by food. Bananas signal Guatamala, chillies say, Hey! We're in Mexico, take-out coffee tells you that yes, this is an American university, hot dogs tell you you're in New York and eventually black tea and dried fruit says you're in a Canadian cabin. There's not a lot of drinking in Hulk, but the eating! But maybe it's for the best; to quote Dr Banner, You wouldn't like him when he's hungry...


Shantytown Picadillo The film opens with Dr Banner cooking in his surprisingly spacious shantytown apartment. He seems to be eating some sort of minced beef hash, so I found and adapted vastly simplified a recipe for Brazilian Picadillo -- brown minced beef hard with spices and when it has some colour add capers and plenty of chopped green olives, chillies and onions, fry some more, add tomato passata, simmer. Refresh with a splash of red wine. The trick is not to cook too hard -- you want a fresh, bright flavour. We served it with corn chips.

Guatemalan Banana Chips and Hulk Trail Mix Dry fry dried banana chips in spices and a little seasoned salt, until golden red. Dry fry green pumpkin seeds and green raisins (health food shop or Indian deli) in a hot spice mix until the raisins are soft and the pumpkin seeds popped. Season if you want.

There's a lot of pasta and pizza around the middle, but we skipped most of it apart from the take-out pizza used to bribe a security guard (played by Lou Ferrigno, trivia fans!) and a grad student so Dr Banner can steal back his lab notes (convoluted). Oh, Hulk! They're not even in the university! Liv Tyler has them. Speaking of which...

Hulk Smash with a memory stick regurgitator For the huge fight scene where Liv nearly gets killed by flames I had intended to make childhood classic dish, Hulk Smash with bullets (mushy peas and smash, with mini sausages stuck into it cow-pie style). However, I grew up at the very last minute and instead we had Nori memory sticks topped with a smear of gold, washed down with the appropriate innocent smoothie.

We also skipped the smashed hot dog stand -- both for this film and for Avengers Assemble, which also features a crushed hot dog stand. Maybe it comes as part of the New York fight scene package. However, I could not resist:

Knuckle Sandwich flambé Rounds of Baguette, topped with a butter/mustard mix and a chunk of ham hock, lightly friend and then flambéed. I opted not to use the blow torch, as a quick flash-fry with brandy flame is faster and more fun. Remember to turn the oven fan on.

Hulk finishes on a nice cup of tea, but General Ross ends on cigars (we had chocolate cigars) and Incredible Hulks -- which in our case were a 3-2-1 of Midori, Vodka and Galliano, although there are of course many, many, many different ways to make an Incredible Hulk.

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