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Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 5, Thor

Thor is a film greatly obsessed with quaffing and feasting, featuring as it does, a mass of intercut scenes between those spiritual and culinary twins Space Asgard and the American Midwest. This film needs Mead, which truecatachresis and squigglyruth eventually obtained from a friend with a stockpile, as there was not a bottle of the honey stuff to be found in all of Oxford (and most of the places I was trying had closed or turned into sandwich shops). I've heard that Waitrose occasionally stocks it, but alas I had no time to ride the rainbow bridge to Witney on the offchance. It also needs boilermakers. More of that anon.


Asgardian Feasts One of the warriors three, Volstagg, spends his entire on-screen time (when not fighting) eating, talking about eating, being mocked for eating. Notably (but mercifully off-screen) he consumes four wild boars, six pheasants, a side of beef and two caskets of ale! I did consider wild boar sausages, pleasant burgers and beer ribs (I have a good source for all these) but it seemed like a dish too far. The rest of Asgard are slackers -- apart from a single grape, Sif never eats, and much of the food ends up on the floor. We had grapes, meat, ale, mead and cheese and pear sandwiches as made onscreen by Volstagg -- and strictly decorative pumpkins, in recognition of the scene where Thor smashes a bunch of them on the floor.

Hammertime BBQ I fried up American hot dogs and we had them with cheap American beer for the party in the Hammer crater. It wasn't the culinary high point of the weekend, but at least we had Agent Coulson being sarcastic and Thor demanding a dog large enough to ride on.

A film of many breakfasts I did count up the breakfast items consumed in Thor, and it is MIGHTY: American sausage, grits, bacon, pancakes, golden crunch cereal, biscuits, eggs scrambled, fried and what looks suspiciously like an omelette(!), pop tarts, coffee. Lots of coffee. Diner coffee, surveillance coffee, all night study coffee. There's also an Alka-seltzer, but just the one. We opted for a symbolic American breakfast of pancakes, bacon and syrup, with coffee (don't smash the mug).

Boilermakers are what I would call a depth charge -- a shot of whiskey in a pint of beer. Dr Erik Selvig drinks them with Thor right after he asks him to leave town and never come back. Spoiler! Thor doesn't leave town, and instead carries Erik home and puts him to bed. "We drank, we fought, he made his ancestors proud," he tells sexy Dr Jane, and then proceeds straight to a night of intense interstellar science flirty talk. Gods. Can't trust them an inch.

Bifrost platter Poprocks, dried papaya and pineapple, and culinary glitter sprinkled over a plate. The pop rocks react slowly with the water in the air, and create a crackly macadam of glittery sugary stuff which can be crunched and consumed, sealing off earth from Asgard forever. It's probably for the best.

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