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The last movie in a marathon often suffers from being a bit of a culinary downstroke (not least because everyone is full!) and it is true that there is rather more tragedy and property damage, and less eating and wisecracking in Avengers Assemble! than in the other films. However, once again, Tony Stark came to rescue us all. And so (unexpectedly) did Loki! Even Pepper ("I love to be handed things") did her bit to keep us eating and drinking right to the credits. And beyond. Because of course in Avengers the main meal is in the post-credit sequence. Shawarma, anyone?


Tesseract cocktail I found giant glow-sticks on two-for-one at Booksale, for Loki's mind control stick, and small ones to use as stirrers. despotliz discovered you could break them apart, and though they're fairly non-toxic, I think, but probably best not used as part of this cocktail (which will glow under UV): 3-1-1 of Curacao, Midori and gin, top with a fizz of tonic water, serve with a glowstick stirrer.

Reception retinal scan I had candy eyeballs left over from halloween, and Loki's eyeball scan (hard to tell if it's a "destructive scan" or not, but the device looks pretty nasty) at the champagne reception was the perfect excuse to use them up -- with a glass of champagne if you were in the posh party, or of beer if you were out in the street being told to kneel by Loki.

Fruits of research During the Tony-Bruce bonding scenes, Iron Man offers Hulk a freeze-dried blueberry. We had dried blueberries and goji berries as a cheap alternative, the first time many of us had sampled the pinker of the superfruits. What does it taste like? Inconsistent.

Should have bought bigger prawns The Chitauri invaders ride around New York crushing libraries and hot dog stands and police cars and taxis in (as far as I can see) gigantic squat lobsters. These are then charred, exploded, smashed, skewered and stabbed. You can see where I'm going with this. I subbed in whatever prawn was on offer and served them up five-hero style (Honey Roast, American Style, Smashed with green herbs, Flambé and on a skewer). With white bread soldiers. On reflection, the prawns were too small. Should have bought bigger prawns.

Shawarma Cowley road shawarma is one of the great joys of Oxford eating out, and a couple of years ago I decided to learn to make my own. Half the fight is a really good spice mix. I use this one but there's plenty of choices for sale in places like the Maroc Deli, or mix up your own. Finely slice your meat (chicken, lamb, beef or all the above) and put it to marinade in a thick mix of the spice, crushed garlic, lemon juice and your preferred marinade liquid (I use Fino sherry) overnight. Cook in a heavy pan and serve with flatbread and salad.

That was it, bar the washing up (also epic).


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19th Feb, 2013 17:03 (UTC)

Epic and excellent. I offer you the biggest high five!
19th Feb, 2013 20:32 (UTC)
19th Feb, 2013 18:48 (UTC)
Epic marathon meal is epic! No photos? I'd say your shawarma sounds so much nicer than anything I'd dare to buy from the Cowley Road.

Edited at 2013-02-19 18:49 (UTC)
19th Feb, 2013 20:30 (UTC)
Er, I was too handsfull to photograph anything, I'm afraid! Cafe Nour used to be the place to get a pile of shawarma the size of your head, but it's.... changed....
19th Feb, 2013 21:54 (UTC)
Ah, did no one step into the photography breach?

I've never had shawarma, it may have to remain a mystery until I find a bab-place that doesn't scare me.
19th Feb, 2013 18:59 (UTC)
Epic film-watching and eating. How long was all this spaced out over?
19th Feb, 2013 20:32 (UTC)
Two days -- three films each day, starting early afternoon.
19th Feb, 2013 21:53 (UTC)
Wow, what an Incredible - and edible and drinkable - whole thing! Full FOOM!
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