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Comics vs. Robots vs. Kittens

Yesterday's timelines filled up fast with people crowing about getting a table/complaining about not getting a table at Thought Bubble, and it was nice to watch that in an abstract way, not feeling like I ought to be doing something about it/should feel bad for not doing something about it. I'm not sure (yet) if I've entirely retired from comics but The Strumpet is no longer me, the UK editor is now Kripa Joshi (hmmm, am I jumping the gun a bit there? I think the official announcement is scheduled for when she gets back from Nepal) and I'm feeling happy with that. As for Thought Bubble, I'm guessing it'll get a fringe this year as that's what happens when festivals get so big not everyone can get into them!

We came home last night to discover that Roomba had been disabled by cat sabotage. Distressing flat mouse had be scooped up by the brushes, jammed one, and stripped a bolt. Chalk another one up to Harlequin Day, Robot Hunter.

roomba carnage


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26th Feb, 2013 23:26 (UTC)
Harlequin Day, Robot Hunter has also, it turns out, managed to reformat the memory card on my sampler wiping all the data by randomly walking over the buttons. Fortunately I have backups, and even more fortunately, something that can read its ancient 32 MB SmartMedia card.
27th Feb, 2013 07:32 (UTC)
And *that* is why we plumped for dogs. Basically we picked our preferred downside (!).
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