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kinetica photographs as promised

With all apologies to concourse and others who showed interest, there are no photos from Light Show. None allowed and none taken! Also, no way to photograph most of the sculptures on display (especially the wows at the end) although Time Out has a still of one of the more dizzying rooms. However I do have some photos from Kinetica - only a fraction! But still a taste of the moving/mad/shiny. More through the click-through, including Facebook updating the ten commandments. motodraconis, you may be interested in the Picasso dress (below) and its companion, the Lightning dress.

platonic reactive bling chaber riding the art beast
picasso dress light heart

In other news, I'm going to see Space Heroes of the People supporting 90s band Space at the Oxford O2 this weekend. Cheapie tickets here if you want to come too!


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5th Mar, 2013 21:44 (UTC)
Picasso Dress...
Whaaaa? What? How? How does that work or even be worn? Or is it purely conceptual in a kind of Magritte ceci n'est pas une robe aaaargh way?

6th Mar, 2013 07:33 (UTC)
Re: Picasso Dress...
She's a fashion designer, so the stuff is intended to be worn and indeed can be http://www.rainbowwinters.com/project5.html although these pictures, ow, aren't great. She could really do with some that are less "wow, look! a model!" and more "look at the dress!!!!"
5th Mar, 2013 22:24 (UTC)
Space as in Neighbourhood? Ace! I rather doubt we'll get there, but that's very cool ;)
6th Mar, 2013 00:16 (UTC)
We saw them there *in* the 90s and felt quite old THEN...!
6th Mar, 2013 07:34 (UTC)
Just think, now all those fans who made you feel old will be old themselves ....
6th Mar, 2013 08:38 (UTC)
No worries - at least I get to see it myself. I wish I'd known abouto Kinetica in time to go - it looks fantastic! Is it an annual, or is it just a result of keeping an ear to the ground? That lightning dress in particular looks a bit spectacular.

And I wish I could see Space and Space Heroes (money, distance, travel etc). Fantastic line-up; I thought it was a typo at first. Shame they couldn't add KLF spin-off Space too.
7th Mar, 2013 00:00 (UTC)
Kinetica is annual thing but I bet more happens during the year http://www.kinetica-museum.org/ hmmm some nice stuff on their website
6th Mar, 2013 16:55 (UTC)
yay! Have snagged tickets for me and also two other ppl - SecretRebel and her chap wot isn't on LJ (afaik).

Looking forward to both musical courses - any idea when ppl will be on stage?
7th Mar, 2013 00:00 (UTC)
It's an early show -- Space Heroes on at 7.30pm and curfew (after Space) at 10pm
6th Mar, 2013 22:37 (UTC)
Wow, Space, I used to listen to them while I was doing my paper round. Ticket bought!
7th Mar, 2013 00:02 (UTC)
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