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Very shortly my beloved husband timscience will be another year older. To celebrate, Korg re-released a classic mini-synthesiser right in the dim depths of winter when his resistance to the shiny was at its lowest. This beast is now on order, as a birthday gift, and Tim has asked me to make sure that no-one gets him any presents for his birthday, only synthesiser fund contributions! If anyone would like to provide a birthday contribution to this latest addition to Tim's electronest (or just point and laugh) the poll below will enable contributions both financial and creative -- thanks in advance to all who would help advance the causes of beepy sounds, champagne socialism and cats playing keyboards:

Poll #1902240 Tim's Synthesiser Birthday Poll

Getting a tiny synthesiser for your birthday is:

Fine if you have small hands
Bonkers, completely
Likely to lead to beepy sounds in the bedroom
Following your heart
Following your head

I would like to help with said synthesiser birthday purchase by:

Giving money by Paypal (mark synth4tim)
Giving money to Jeremy in person
Giving money at Tim's birthday party
Giving money some other way
Cheering from the sidelines with electro pompoms

In return I would like:

A thankyou card that goes beep
The recipe for Synthesiser Pie
Champagne Socialism party(s)
Video demo of said synthesiser up on youtube
Video demo of cat(s) playing synthesiser
Something else (described below)

What else?

Please tell me your address for thankyou cards!

Edited to add, muggins forgot the paypal button:
Edited AGAIN to add, you won't actually be able to put in a synth4tim ref so I shall just take it as read! Thanks kindly and apparently there is a good way to make the cats play the synthesiser (but we may struggle to persuade them to do a duet)


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15th Mar, 2013 16:45 (UTC)
Can't seem to specify a reference on the Paypal end of things - take it as read that the money just sent is marked as 'synth4tim', plsthks. Also I was unsure whether it was going to charge me in USD or GBP so I panicked and it's a bit undergenerous, sorry. Tis a token though.
15th Mar, 2013 18:56 (UTC)
I'm getting GBP -- and I have a feeling the ref is autoset, sorry -- can't edit polls! Thank you kindly :D
15th Mar, 2013 18:52 (UTC)
15th Mar, 2013 18:57 (UTC)
Thanks very much!!!
15th Mar, 2013 21:17 (UTC)
Done. I would love the recipe for Synthesizer Pie (US spelling). I wonder if it is like Cottleston Pie.
2nd Apr, 2013 11:10 (UTC)
I think it might involve beef and oysters!
19th Mar, 2013 20:04 (UTC)
What's yer PayPal ID? :)
19th Mar, 2013 20:31 (UTC)
tx v much!
Either of my usual email addresses should work, if you can't make the button above do the work!
2nd Apr, 2013 11:49 (UTC)
Paid! (Had to wait until after pay day) though bloody hell paypal is such a faff. I didn't realise you had to put in an amout before you are allowed to log on. Ended up changing my password again. Arrrgh!
2nd Apr, 2013 15:15 (UTC)
+ sorry you can't make the party - next time
thanks for putting up with the faff!
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