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it's not all tales of blood and vomit

My recent medical woes bore fruit with my first brush with NHS Choice -- in which instead of a notice of appointment, I received notice to set up my own appointment from a choice of three options (of which only one made any sense). The only real choice didn't have online booking set up, so I called the (as it turned out, deceptively) local phone number. A long wait and a phone tree later, I ended up at a central NHS call centre somewhere, where I got a guy who'd already found all the blind alleys in the system training someone who hadn't yet. This is usually a pretty good option and he correctly identified a problem (you can't be logged into choose and book at the same time as them) and found me an appointment within a fortnight (with an apology that there was nothing sooner). Easy enough that I could do it while in pathetic recovery from a winter vomiting bug.

Oh yes, about that -- the incubation period appears to be three days and I would probably have been infectious... ah yes. Tuesday evening, at the very least. Sorry everyone! At least it seems to be a fairly mild one -- I was only really bad for about 24 hours. And convalescence has its benefits: colouring waking up, last week's weekly strip, is the ideal sofa-based activity.

Waking up!

Edited to add: I have a TwBirthday? What? Since when?


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5th Apr, 2013 06:51 (UTC)
A weekly strip! With cats! Yes, convalescence can be useful.
5th Apr, 2013 07:39 (UTC)
just me, the cats and a graphics tablet...
indeed, if it weren't for the being ill bit it'd be pretty damn perfect
5th Apr, 2013 08:22 (UTC)
Sorry you are not well. It seems like not only is this the year of perpetual winter but the unrelenting damp and cold has worn down everyone until we all seem to be getting this paticular lurgy.
We had better not get another failed summer.
5th Apr, 2013 08:32 (UTC)
or I, for one, plan to fix it!!!
5th Apr, 2013 08:54 (UTC)
Some sort of giant orbital reflector to divert sun from the tropics onto England. I would really love to be an evil genius.
5th Apr, 2013 09:33 (UTC)
there's too much conditional in that statement
6th Apr, 2013 22:10 (UTC)
Ugh! Hope you're all better now, and daaaark but cool strip.

Saw these, maybe they'll cheer you up...

Awkward Collection

More info here.

Awkward Shoes

Also...bird shoes!

Edited at 2013-04-06 22:16 (UTC)
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