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april has spoken

I don't like seeing the gynaecologist. But worse things happen (weak smile). At the moment I'm tickling my cat's tummy, sipping herbal tea, and considering whether pote (the fur on an animal's paw) is valuable reintroduction to everyday language. It's not been in regular use since the 17th century, but it's in the OED (albeit Obs.) and it is rather a lovely word. There. I'm stroking my cat on the pote. He's purring. And the world needs more good words.

Also, we went to see dinosaurs at the weekend. In Birmingham.

Rear view red legged partridge
selfridges liliensternus puppeteer


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16th Apr, 2013 08:27 (UTC)
I vote in favour of pote being reintroduced to the English language. Cat pote is one of the softest things to stroke. However, you have to be aware of the proximity of claws.

Edited at 2013-04-16 08:27 (UTC)
16th Apr, 2013 18:58 (UTC)
I agree
The fur of the pote is worth the risk!
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